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LactiGo: LactiGo is an effective, fast-acting, topical gel with carnosine that helps people maximize their athletic performance and muscle recovery. In conjunction with proper strategic nutrition, workouts and sleep patterns as well as overall healthful lifestyle choices this product helps support optimal recovery and training. Carolyn also promotes no consumption of alcohol or drugs and no coffee/ caffeine based products. Visit: For your discount input code: LACTIGOFFLL20

LactiGo – Carolyn Moos –  Visit: your discount input code: LACTIGOFFLL20

At-home fitness equipment Bodyguard GX6 My Bodyguard GX6 discount code for 10% off for you: CM10

The Bodyguard GX6 is EasyEfficient and Effective 
1.   The strategic placement of the Upper, middle and lower pulleys make it easy it is to transition from exercise to exercise without adjustments between circuit movements. 
2.   The Bodyguard GX6 has a space efficient foot print as well as efficient flow of workout as linked to not needing to make a lot of adjustments machine as you go through your workout. 
3.   While utilizing your Bodyguard GX6, you will feel the difference between fixed and variable resistance versions of the same exercise. The Bodyguard GX6 has a patented hybrid weight system which includes bands that are added to the weight stack, which creates variable resistance such that it incorporates more muscle tissue, hence making your workouts more effective.
Bodyguard GX6 – why it is the best buy and excellent results yielded from your workouts
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