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Summer Pro League 2013 – Nutrition Article

Article Nutrition – Summer Pro League

No Shortcuts

Professional athletes and agents want the same things. Athletes want to make a roster that has a solid record or projected high success, they want to play at a level that reflects reaching their full potential, obtain an extended contract, stay healthy, and have a prolonged career. Agents support and push to get all of the above. Why then would an elite athlete not take all steps necessary off the court to make the above true? These choices off the court include sports nutrition, strategic cross training and all lifestyle choices. One needs a formula to follow and the desire and motivation to follow that formula for all of the above to become a reality for the professional athlete.

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Carolyn partners with student-athlete world.

6’5″ Carolyn Moos, USA B-Ball, B.A. Stanford, FIBA/WNBA former pro athlete, M.A. USC in Health Communication Management and her FITT4life programs (which include online or live nutrition log analysis, Skype or live yoga cross-training and sport-specific skill development), is now a Partner with Student-Athlete World–fitt4life

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