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Get started today!  If any of the following reflect your goals, you have come to the right place.


-to become healthier and have a longer, more vital life

-to increase your overall fitness and improve your body composition

-to increase your performance in a given sport, while lowering risk of injury

-to improve your basketball game and skills and play at the next level

You can work with me from ANYWHERE in the world on nutrition log analysis with a menu plan, yoga workouts live or online, weight room training live or online and live basketball skills workouts.  To purchase your services and get started today, click on my services link HERE
Click HERE for forms you will need to print, sign, scan and e-mail back to c.moos@stanfordalumni.org before beginning your fitness and health programming with me.

Carolyn’s Services

  • Student – Athletes:
    With 7.6 million HS athletes and less than 600,000 collegiate athletes, I CAN HELP YOU STAND OUT!
  • Elite / Pro Athletes
  • Mothers to be
  • Elderly
  • General Wellness

Carolyn is Certified Personal trainer with CEC’s in the following areas:

Athlete Nutrition


Pre and Post Natal Nutrition and Fitness

Biomechanical Assessment

CLICK HERE for a link to Carolyn’s Services and pricing for online nutrition log analysis with menu planning, online or live yoga training sessions, online or live weight room training sessions and live basketball skill development.

Carolyn’s LIVE or SKYPE individual or group yoga training video introduction